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FREE SHIPPING worldwide via DHL Express!

Sherlock Collection – Detective Edition



The Detective Edition is a numbered edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of a Dozen Favourites; a short story collection featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s twelve favourite stories about his fictional detective and it is limited to 200 numbered and signed copies.

Bound in the finest brown suede lambskin leather with a cutout of Sherlock’s profile on the front cover, featuring a tartan fabric inside. It comes in a tray case bound in a premium book cloth with blind and gold blocking on the front, along with suede leather on the spine, featuring a laser engraved title.

This edition will be shipped via DHL Express in an insured package at the beginning of October of 2023.

FREE insured shipping worldwide via DHL Express once the production of the book is completed, which is expected to happen by the end of Q4 2023.

  • Limited to 200 numbered and signed copies.
  • Signed by Marko Matijašević (creative concept) and Manuel Šumberac(illustrations).
  • Cased in solander box bound in a premium book cloth with blind and gold blocking on the front, along with suede leather on the spine, featuring a laser engraved title.
  • Biege plush lining inside the case.
  • Bound by hand in finest brown suede lambskin leather (sourced from Didier Lieutard in France) with a cutout in shape of Sherlock’s profile on the front cover, featuring a tartan fabric inside.
  • Spine engraved with laser.
  • Handmade marbled endpapers.
  • Printed letterpress on 100% cotton mould-made Hahnemühle Printmaking paper (custom made to our specifications).
  • Twelve full page coloured illustrations.
  • Illustrated drop caps for every chapter.
  • Royal UK trim size (156 x 234 mm)
  • Several hidden design details.
  • Bookmark in shape of a magnifying glass with a plastic lens.

For more information on this edition, please read below or check out our production methods. This title will create a separate matching rights track for future Sherlock novel(s), which may or may not happen in the future.

Please note that these product photos are photos of hard proof prototypes and the final product is liable to changes and could feature some improvements as well.

With each lettered and numbered edition we try to include some extra content that was never announced. It can range from a notebook to various other materials that were tied-in with the book. This is meant as our thank you for purchasing directly from us and trusting us to deliver you the most exciting editions of the books you love.

It is important to note that the purchase of this edition not only grants you matching rights for the next numbered title during private preorders, but also opens up special pricing reserved only for customers allowed in during that time. To benefit from this, you must create or have an existing account so our system can automatically apply these benefits to you.

Since we’re based in Croatia, EU, our native currency is euro. If you’re from USA or UK, the price will be automatically converted from euro to your domestic currency by the current going rate either right away or at the checkout when you enter your shipping address. Customers from other countries will be charged in euros since we are unable to currently support that many currencies.

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Additional information


Concept and Art

The Detective Edition is limited to 200 numbered and signed copies, featuring numerous features that make it quite unique. It consists of twelve short stories that were deemed favourite by the Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band
The Adventure of the Red-Headed League
The Adventure of the Dancing Men
The Adventure of the Final Problem
The Adventure of a Scandal in Bohemia
The Adventure of the Empty House
The Adventure of the Five Orange Pips
The Adventure of the Second Stain
The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot
The Adventure of the Priory School
The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual
The Adventure of the Reigate Squires

This edition comes in a solander case, featuring the title on the front part of the case as well as the title engraved in brown suede letter on the spine. Inside it is lined with beige plush, keeping the book well protected from the outside elements.

The book is bound in the finest lambskin brown suede leather with a cutout in shape of Sherlock’s profile on the front cover, featuring a tartan fabric below, while the title of the book is engraved on the spine.

Once you open the book, you’ll be met by handmade paste endpapers done by our marbling department. They are inspired by the tartan pattern designed specially for this edition by Manuel Šumberac, who has also illustrated all the artwork, including the drop caps, for this title. The illustrations for this edition are truly remarkable, something that we have never done before. Since this is a short story collection, it made no sense to look for key plot points; instead the idea was to boil down the whole story into a singular illustration, which offered a “blueprint” of the story expressed artistically. Each illustration contains the key elements of the story, which is intended to beckon the reader to return and give it another look to better understand the story.

As you go through the chapters, you’ll see there are beautiful themed drop caps designed for each story, as well as the unique title for each of them. Once you need a break from reading, you can use the bookmark shaped like a magnifying glass, but is fully functional as well, because it has a plastic lens with 3x magnification.

As previously mentioned, the whole run has 200 numbered and signed copies, with a few additional publisher’s copies for the key participants of the projects that will never go to sale, making this a true rarity.

Should we venture into Sherlock novels in the future, this book grants matching rights for those editions, creating a separate matching rights track.

Photography: Danijel Berković & Dino Šertović.


Production and Materials

This edition features many unique design elements to achieve the quintessential numbered edition of Sherlock Holmes short story collection.

The solander case is draped in premium book cloth and has numerous special design details. It is lined with rich plush from the inside and features blind and gold blocking on the front and brown suede leather on the spine of the case.

The book is bound in finest brown lambskin suede leather, sourced from Didier Lieutard in France, which was then laser cut on the front to feature Sherlock’s profile. This was done with goal to reveal the fabric featuring a tartan pattern below, giving the famous detective his distinctive look in a new way. To keep the spine interesting, laser engraving was used to form the title.

Marbled endpapers were handmade using two sets of colours to achieve a delightful pattern. . The book is printed letterpress with our very own Heidelberg Cylinder SBG on 100% cotton mould-made Hahnemühle Printmaking paper, customised to our specifications. The paper has a luxurious texture and works extremely well when used for letterpress printing, which gives it a little bit of a so-called “bite”. All twelve illustrations featured inside are printed offset.

Finally, the book was smyth sewn, then glued afterwards to provide for maximum durability. For this title Baskerville typography seemed like the perfect choice.

The magnifying glass bookmark is produced by caching a plastic magnifying lens between two Fedrigoni Savile Row papers, creating a functional bookmark.

All of these details make this numbered edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of a Dozen Favourites truly special.



Since we put a lot of effort into creation of our books, we like to see them delivered safe and sound (and fast!) straight into your hands. That is why we ship with DHL Express, which means the books will be trackable at all times and they’ll arrive straight into your hands (unless you state otherwise). This also means they should arrive within 7-10 business days at the latest, but they’ll usually arrive within five business days, depending at what time of the day you made your order.

Please be aware that although books are not subject to customs fees in many countries, they might be in yours. This may mean they’ll be held at customs for inspection, delaying the delivery time, and you may be charged a customs fee or import tax or similar. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about customs clearance – customs rules of each country make the importer (the buyer—you!) responsible for these fees. Some of our customers have managed to reduce these fees by opting to do the import documentation themselves at the customs office instead of letting the courier (DHL) do it for them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David Shields
Amaranthine Invents - We Discover

Ever since their first majestic, artistic, unique and creative publication, Amaranthine Books has gone from strength to strength.

The thing with Marko and his ‘family’ is that they make every publication personal to you, even though there are numerous owners of these works of art. From being informed via social media or emails ( even they feel personal to you) to the video previews we are gagging to see, AB make it all just for you - this is what they have been doing since day one , creating a wonderful work of art in which you live and breathe their concept, design, creativity and eventual publication.

This ‘Detective Edition’ is yet another outstanding book, work of art, creation, call it what you will but to have it in your hands what with the beautiful tactile suede lamb skin leather, to the solander box, inlay of the Holmes profile to then open the book and view the stunning marbled end papers before gently easing the pages (as guided by a very thoughtful insert on how to open books correctly) to running your fingers over the custom made cotton paper , sensorally experiencing each letterpress text.

Note, this book is hand bound and therefore, each book will be unique - not machine bound, making them all uniform but each on you purchase will be truly just for you.

Even the drop capitals, the chapter headings and the full page colour illustrations in a layered approach, viduslly describing the content of the story make is wonderful to behold.

Just holding this book in your hands and browsing the pages makes it a mystical experience as you wff as my it to embody you, make it firm a part of your soul, stepping into the world of Sherlock, like no other publishers has ever done for me.

Elementary it is not.

Andrew B.
It's not a mystery...

...why it's such a lovely rendition of so excited that Amaranthine has moved to letter press, with such nice heavy paper. I continue to be enamored of their drop caps--it's one of my favorite design features. Also, the font chosen makes the page numbers echo address numbers, which is a nice touch. Thanks for all the hard work!

Croatia.....who knew!?

I've been watching this fledgling company from the sidelines since 'Pontus' reviewed Dr Jekyll for Youtube. However, it wasn't until the release of 'Holmes', to this standard, that I committed to purchasing from them. I'm delighted with my purchase. Most would admit when we spend large amounts on books it's more than simply the story we're after. e-books and paperbacks cater perfectly well if that's all that's required. Personally, I want a sensory experience. I want to smell the book, feel the book and 'hear' the book - yes, cotton paper sounds different to regular paper. I want to delight in the cognitive also. This particular edition (Detective) ticks all the boxes. It feels fantastic - 100% cotton paper, heavy endpapers, suede binding AND letterpress. The drop caps, the change in font for the headings - mirroring the nature of the related story, the illustrations are a delight! Nothing's perfect however and I would have liked the 'labels' on the solander box to have been recessed so's not to stand proud, beautiful as they are. Furthermore, although the weight of the endpapers is great (I loathe flimsy endpapers) the metallic finish is a little at odds with the overall aesthetic, I think. I'm charmed by this effort. I think ALL at Amaranthine should be justly proud of what's been produced here.

Stephen Kohl
Wish I could hang it on the wall

The Essential Edition was beautiful, but the Detective Edition blew me away. The feel and texture of the front and holder are terrific. Although I have the "clues" edition to solve, haven't opened it yet. But the thickness of it assures me the inside will be fantastic.

Jonathan Wade
Sherlock - Detective Edition

Seems like the Amaranthine crew have outdone themselves again. Neither words nor pictures will do it justice. Just to hold this book in your hands is a pleasure, the materials used are so thoughtfully done and beautiful to behold. The bar has been raised! Excellent work.

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