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FREE SHIPPING worldwide via DHL Express!

Sherlock Collection – Clue Edition



The Clue Edition is a letterpress printed edition of of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of a Dozen Favourites; a short story collection featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s twelve favourite stories about his fictional detective and it is limited to only 26 lettered and signed copies.

Bound in the finest goatskin leather and featuring a real magnifying glass on the front cover that can be taken out to use on the illustrations. It comes in a specially designed case inspired by Sherlock’s home at 221B Baker Street, London, featuring functional door on the front.

This edition will be shipped via DHL Express in an insured package at the beginning of October of 2023.

FREE insured shipping worldwide via DHL Express once the production of the book is completed, which is expected to happen by the end of Q4 2023.

  • Limited to 26 lettered and signed copies.
  • Signed by Marko Matijašević (creative concept) and Manuel Šumberac (illustrations).
  • Case inspired by Sherlock’s home at 221B Baker Street, London, featuring functional door on the front.
  • Brown plush lining inside the case with engraved pattern on the bottom inspired by Sherlock’s wallpapers featured in his home’s living room.
  • Bound by hand in finest brown goatskin leather (sourced from Didier Lieutard in France) with a real magnifying glass that can be taken out to use on illustration (held by magnet on the front cover).
  • Spine blocked in gold foil.
  • Handmade marbled endpapers.
  • Printed letterpress on Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper, custom made for Amaranthine Books.
  • Twelve full page coloured illustrations.
  • Illustrated drop caps for every chapter.
  • Royal UK trim size (156 x 234 mm)
  • Several hidden design details.
  • Bookmark in shape of a magnifying glass with a plastic lens.
  • Art portfolio with all illustrations.

For more information on this edition, please read below or check out our production methods. This title will create a separate matching rights track for future Sherlock novel(s), which may or may not happen in the future.

Please note that these product photos are photos of hard proof prototypes and the final product is liable to changes and could feature some improvements as well.

With each lettered and numbered edition we try to include some extra content that was never announced. It can range from a notebook to various other materials that were tied-in with the book. This is meant as our thank you for purchasing directly from us and trusting us to deliver you the most exciting editions of the books you love.

It is important to note that the purchase of this edition not only grants you matching rights for the next lettered title during private preorders, but also opens up special pricing reserved only for customers allowed in during that time. To benefit from this, you must create or have an existing account so our system can automatically apply these benefits to you.

Since we’re based in Croatia, EU, our native currency is euro. If you’re from USA or UK, the price will be automatically converted from euro to your domestic currency by the current going rate either right away or at the checkout when you enter your shipping address. Customers from other countries will be charged in euros since we are unable to currently support that many currencies.

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Additional information

Concept and Art

The Clue Edition represents the very essence of the great fictional detective, featuring the twelve short stories that were deemed favourite by the Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band
The Adventure of the Red-Headed League
The Adventure of the Dancing Men
The Adventure of the Final Problem
The Adventure of a Scandal in Bohemia
The Adventure of the Empty House
The Adventure of the Five Orange Pips
The Adventure of the Second Stain
The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot
The Adventure of the Priory School
The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual
The Adventure of the Reigate Squires

It is limited to 26 lettered and signed copies, featuring several special features that make it quite unique. Of the three editions, this one is aimed to be as the ultimate one, providing numerous features worthy of such an edition.

This edition comes in a custom made box with a front that pays homage to Sherlock’s home at 221B Baker Street, London. This was inspired by the fact that most of his clients found themselves at this address seeking his skill and his wisdom. The door is fully functional, so you can grab the knob and open it, only to be greeted by the very representation of Sherlock in form of a book. Once you take the book out, you’ll notice that the bottom of the box features a wallpaper pattern that, again, pays homage to the one in Sherlock’s home, but also featuring a hidden surprise there as well.

The book is bound in the finest brown goatskin leather, featuring a spine blocked in gold foil and a magnifying glass blocked into the front cover. But it’s not there just for show, because you can take it out and use it as you read the book. This will be particularly useful when you reach each of the illustrations, because they hold numerous details that are difficult to observe with a naked eye.

Once you open the book, you’ll be met by handmade marbled endpapers done by our marbling department. They are inspired by the tartan pattern designed specially for this edition by Manuel Šumberac, who has also illustrated all the artwork, including the drop caps, for this title. The illustrations for this edition are truly remarkable, something that we have never done before. Since this is a short story collection, it made no sense to look for key plot points; instead the idea was to boil down the whole story into a singular illustration, which offered a “blueprint” of the story expressed artistically. Each illustration contains the key elements of the story, which is intended to beckon the reader to return and give it another look to better understand the story.

As you go through the chapters, you’ll see there are beautiful themed drop caps designed for each story, as well as the unique title for each of them. Once you need a break from reading, you can use the bookmark shaped like a magnifying glass, but is fully functional as well, because it has a plastic lens with 3x magnification, providing you with a secondary magnifying lens.

As previously mentioned, the whole run has 26 lettered and signed copies, with a few additional publisher’s copies for the key participants of the projects that will never go to sale, making this a true rarity.

Should we venture into Sherlock novels in the future, this book grants matching rights for those editions, creating a separate matching rights track.

Photography: Danijel Berković & Dino Šertović.


Production and Materials

For this edition of Sherlock Holmes to become a reality, we had to do a lot of unusual things.

The box is made from various materials, mostly plywood and it features a door on the front. The door is decorated with numerous details in order to pay a proper homage to Sherlock’s home. Inside, it is lined with soft plush material meant to protect the book and on the very bottom it is engraved with laser, paying tribute to the pattern on the wallpaper in Sherlock’s living room.

The book is bound in finest brown goatskin leather with an aniline finish, sourced from Didier Lieutard in France, and has gold foil blocked on the spine and a real magnifying glass blocked into the front cover. The magnifying glass is held by a magnet hidden inside the front cover, so that it can be safely removed at any time without fear of it falling off.

Marbled endpapers were handmade using numerous colours, some of them metallic, to achieve a stunning pattern. The book is printed letterpress with our very own Heidelberg Cylinder SBG on Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper (140g), which is made specifically for us in this weight. The paper has a luxurious texture and works extremely well when used for letterpress printing, which gives it a little bit of a so-called “bite”. All twelve illustrations featured inside are printed offset.

Finally, the book was smyth sewn, then glued afterwards to provide for maximum durability. For this title Baskerville typography seemed like the perfect choice.

The magnifying glass bookmark is produced by caching a plastic magnifying lens between two Fedrigoni Savile Row papers, creating a functional bookmark.

All of these details make this a truly unique edition of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of a Dozen Favourites.



Since we put a lot of effort into creation of our books, we like to see them delivered safe and sound (and fast!) straight into your hands. That is why we ship with DHL Express, which means the books will be trackable at all times and they’ll arrive straight into your hands (unless you state otherwise). This also means they should arrive within 7-10 business days at the latest, but they’ll usually arrive within five business days, depending at what time of the day you made your order.

Please be aware that although books are not subject to customs fees in many countries, they might be in yours. This may mean they’ll be held at customs for inspection, delaying the delivery time, and you may be charged a customs fee or import tax or similar. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about customs clearance – customs rules of each country make the importer (the buyer—you!) responsible for these fees. Some of our customers have managed to reduce these fees by opting to do the import documentation themselves at the customs office instead of letting the courier (DHL) do it for them.

Weight 3 kg




Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
David Shields

I received my Clue Edition from Amaranthine Books and first of all, it was extremely well packaged. They don’t mess about in protecting their publications, ensuring the recipient receives them in first class condition.

On opening the package, delivered safely by DHL, I was presented with an immense structure, totally representing the front door of 221b Baker Street.

The structure itself is truly well made and is very heavy, even more so when you find inside, the goatskin leather bound book containing 12 Sherlock Holmes stories, all wonderfully printed on handmade paper, especially made for Amaranthine Books.

The text is of course created in letterpress on their own printing press and running your fingers over the pages within, you can actually feel the raised text and although the book is quite thick, due to the nature of the handmade paper, the content runs to just under 400 pages but you wouldn’t think it to look at it.

Each chapter beginning consists of unique drop capitals, unique chapter headings and unique artwork to illustrate the story described.

You cannot fail to hold this majestic publication and not admire the layout, paper, letterpress, design, colours, artwork, goatskin leatherbound structure, gold foil title, which makes it totally special. After all, every lettered edition is unique for the owner, never having been duplicated, as the glorious endpapers make them unique, each letterpress page will be slightly unique, even the smyth sewn binding has to be unique - I am holding my own work of art, never to be repeated.

Everybody at AB puts their heart and soul into creating amazing editions and they make it very personal for you. Even contacting them via email or social media is treated like you were part of their family and to be honest, you do feel like that anyway, as their warmth, empathy and communication skills ensure you are dealing with AB on a very personal level.

If you can, follow AB on Facebook or via the ‘fans’ page and you will come across a wonderful family of friends who love AB as much as I do. And from here, you can glean how important AB are to the publishing world. Then try and obtain copies of any of the AB books to witness for yourself how beautiful these works of art are.

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