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The Picture of Dorian Gray – The Portrait Edition
Dorian PTE Spine (detail)
TitleThe Picture of Dorian Gray
GenreGothic, Philosophical Fiction, Decadent Literature
EditionsThe Peacock Edition and The Portrait Edition
The Peacock Edition260 Numbered Copies
The Portrait Edition26 Lettered Copies
Pages (numbered)352
Pages (lettered)206


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Amaranthine Books comes in a lettered version called The Portrait Edition, limited to only 26 copies, and in a numbered version called The Peacock Edition, limited to 260 copies.

Creative concept for these editions is based on Dorian’s degradation, which is caused by his decisions over the course of the novel. Although the approach to this is different on the covers of each edition, the concept inside remains the same, with the lettered edition also being oversized as well. The illustrations inside are focused on every important and terrible decision Dorian has made, so the colours of the illustrations show this as you go through the story. Even the drop caps follow the same logic: they are slowly deteriorating as the story is nearing its end. Vedran Klemens, who has also illustrated our editions of Dracula, has truly outdone himself, creating a completely new and unique approach to Dorian.

The covers of The Peacock Edition take Dorian’s vanity onto the next level, because the peacock feather for each cover is painted by the young and extremely talented painter Nina Bekeniova. This detail where a real artist is working on a book reflects Basil’s own struggle with his portrait and his “peacock”. While the “suffering” is not the same, there is a tangible dedication to Dorian’s beauty and its metaphorical representation. This edition is bound in sparkling green cloth and decorated with gold foil stamping and embossing. The final version of the book will also feature gilded page edges.

The covers for The Portrait Edition take on a completely different approach. True to its name, the covers feature Dorian’s portrait on a painting canvas with elements done via lenticular printing to produce the effect of an ageing and rotting portrait. Dorian will shift and change as you pass him by, giving the illustration a completely new dimension. The covers are bound in the finest black calfskin leather and decorated with gold foil stampings.

Once you open either of these covers, you’ll be met with absolutely gorgeous endpapers, handmade by Freya Scott specially for these editions. Although slightly different in the range of colours, both endpapers were made with Dorian’s flashiness in mind, and even their pattern resembles that of a peacock’s tail.

The Peacock Edition comes in a case made out of plexiglass which is covered with luxurious green foil that also has a slight sparkling effect. Since Dorian is quite fond of attention, it made no sense to make any kind of case that will hide his beauty. Therefore, this case features a “window” where the book spine is, so you can always see it when it’s sitting on your shelf, while it remains safe from dust and other elements.

The case for The Portrait Edition, on the other hand, completely succumbs to Dorian’s vanity and allows him to be put on display for everyone to admire. Therefore, this edition comes in a custom designed case which is both a book case and picture frame at the same time. It allows you to place the book neatly inside it and hang it on the wall (or lean it next to one).

Each copy of these books comes with a mirror bookmark fashioned after Dorian’s own silver mirror.


There is total of seven illustrations in the book by Vedran Klemens. Each illustration represents a degradation of Dorian’s character caused by his actions.

Dorian – One's Worst Envy
Dorian – All-You-Can-Wit
Dorian – Pride and Arrogance
Dorian – From Lust Till Dawn
Dorian – Hell Hath No Wrath
Dorian – Labour Warms, Sloth Harms
Dorian — Greedy Come, Greedy Go

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